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The King Hussein Foundation’s Contributions to National Efforts during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the world faces theCOVID-19pandemic, the King Hussein Foundation wishes health and safety for all. Due to these unprecedented circumstances we have made necessary changes to our programs and shifted our efforts to help with the national efforts in combating this virus and protecting Jordan’s communities.

Learn moreabout how you can help support our local communities.

For a heartwarming change of pace in these uncertain times, theInformation and Research Centeris publishing a series on social media titled ‘Glimpses of Hope in the Era of Corona: Our Stories from Jordan’. (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram).

TheInstitute for Family Health (IFH)is putting great efforts towards spreading awareness on best practices in dealing with the COVID-19 virus outbreak and continuing to support our clients and communities.

Recently we re-opened almost all of our 26 clinics due to the generous contribution of JD 35,000 worth of protection and health supplies fromFaz3et Shabab, a grassroots local movement by Jordanian youth which emerged in response to COVID-19.

IFH has formed a team of doctors and health experts that are available during this time to answer any questions or provide support as  necessary to those who call for medical, mental and rehabilitation assistance.

Resources (Click to Open):
IFH’s Mental Health Procedures to Ease Anxiety during COVID-19  - Arabic (PDF)

Up-to-date health information and messages are shared through their mobile application directly with their clients and on their social media platforms urging proper hygiene and encouraging people to stay home. See more on (Facebook) and (Twitter).

Mayar, Jubilee School student, explaining how the school has adapted to online education.

Upon the regulations issued by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education on the closure of all academic institutions, theJubilee Schoolis fully activating its virtual platforms. Students are keeping up with their daily schedule by accessing their lessons and meet their classmates online to have discussions and interactive activities online. The Student affairs department follows up with those who do not attend and provides support to students such as solving internet access issues to those who cannot afford access.

The administration meets with department heads on a daily basis to evaluate, discuss and recommend changes to continue meeting academic standards and solving challenges as they arise.

TheJubilee Center for Excellence in Educationcontinues supporting the young scholars of the Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI) program. DAFI students are able to continue with their lessons online as all universities in Jordan have moved to e-learning. The DAFI team is facilitating support to students residing in camps who have weak internet access. Extended electricity provisions to provide longer online study periods have also been helpful.

The students’ allowances continue to be disbursed through e-wallets. All students  have medical insurance through their universities. Individual counseling by phone, online and through social messaging is on-going providing support, health information and emergency contacts with different UN agencies, public and the Foundation’s support lines.

To support clients and protect their safety during these unprecedented circumstances,Tamweelcomhas postponed all loan payments due for the month of March 2020.

Customer service officers continue to be available to answer questions and provide any assistance the clients may need.

TheCommunity Development Programis creating awareness among the micro-entrepreneurs supported by the business development incubators by providing information, through social media and messaging platforms, on how they and their communities can protect themselves from the virus spreading.

TheNational Center for Culture and Artsparticipated in a local campaign to urge citizens and residents to stay in their homes to help combat the spread of the virus through a video that was published across social media and Jordan TV.

Ballet and conditioning classes for the young ballerinas and dancers of the Misk Dance Company continue to be taught online.

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TheKing Hussein Foundationis committed to serving our communities and we hope to resume full programming soon.

We wish you and our global communities good health.

Donateto Help the King Hussein Foundation
Support our Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By choosing to donate to the King Hussein Foundation endeavors, you will be helping us to continue providing equitable access to socio-economic, educational, health and cultural opportunities for women, youth, and the marginalized during the most challenging crisis the world is facing.

You can help support our communities by:

1. Early screening for diseases by our community health teams.
(Clients with COVID-19 symptoms will be referred to the designated public health teams)
• USD 141,000 to screen 5000 family members.

2. Helping the outstanding Jubilee School students whose families are facing a harsh economic crisis continue their education.
• Financial Aid: USD 141 - USD 2800 (per student).
• Full Scholarship: USD 5900 (day student) and USD 9,000 (boarding student).

3. Assisting marginalized micro-entrepreneurs with liquidity for 3-month working capital to get them back on track.
• 500 women and youth micro-entrepreneurs, each enterprise USD 2100.

Donate online through theKing Hussein Foundation International, US (305c)

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Account Name: King Hussein Foundation
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