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The Jubilee Institute

“Enlightened citizens are the most valuable asset a nation can possess, and that education is the finest legacy one can pass onto future generations …Although your learning will continue through your experiences in the careers and lives you choose, you will begin to be judged by your contributions to society and mankind…Give back in deeds what you have taken in learning. This will be your new responsibility and your lifelong challenge.”
His Majesty King Hussein 1985

His Majesty King Hussein was a passionate believer in the power and potential of each citizen to contribute to national development.

Early in the 1970s, education was given priority on the national agenda. Accessing quality education and unleashing the potential of youth from across the Kingdom, to prepare the next generation for future opportunities has been a shared vision between King Hussein and Queen Noor. Hence, in 1984, Queen Noor was asked by the Prime Minister to assume responsibility for the implementation of an educational project to commemorate His Majesty’s King Hussein’s 1977 Silver Jubilee. After years of thorough planning, the Jubilee Institute was launched encompassing theJubilee schooland theJubilee Center for Excellence in Education.

TheJubilee Instituteprovides opportunities for public and private school teachers, scholarship students and their families from diverse backgrounds, access to state-of-art education, training and curriculum development.


Contact Information
PO Box 830578
Amman 11183 Jordan
Tel.: + 962 6 5238216
Fax.: + 962 6 5238337
Email: jubilee@jubilee.edu.jo
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