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Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education

TheJubilee Center for Excellence in Education (JCEE)develops innovative curricula and training programs for teachers and administrators in public and private schools, and works to advance national and regional educational standards.

JCEE specializes in training teachers in the use of advanced educational technology. It has positioned its sister institution, the Jubilee School, as a leading provider of distance and computer-assisted learning. JCEE has also developed

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interactive educational methods with applications at national and regional levels.


JCEE provides:

  • supplemental education curricula for the gifted
  • innovative approaches to teaching mathematics, science and the humanities
  • creative problem solving skills
  • school and career counselling
  • communication technology
  • leadership development
  • academic aptitude testing of students

JCEE has raised the standard for educational reform in Jordan and the region by launching three initiatives: the King Hussein Science Garden, the Great Exploration in Math and Science (GEMS) Center, and the National Educational Center for Robotics. These initiatives promote science teaching and learning in Jordan through a unique process of hands-on experimentation and discovery.

King Hussein Science Garden

The King Hussein Science Garden hosts learning zones for the natural sciences, unique models offering students and teachers an opportunity for hands-on applications of scientific laws and principles. The science garden was established in 2003 in cooperation with theOPEC Fund for International Developmentand a donation from Sheikh Khaled Bin Turki. Each year, thousands of students from public and private schools explore the exhibits and complex phenomena in an enjoyable outdoor environment.

Great Exploration in Math and Science (GEMS) Center

Established by the CEE in partnership with theLawrence Hall of Sciencein 2004, the GEMS Center is a model for the enrichment of science and mathematics education in the primary grades, and is the first such initiative in the Arab world.

The Center provides training and materials in science and mathematics for teachers of kindergarten to ninth grade. The Center's twice-yearly training workshops encourage educators from Jordan and the region to incorporate more inquiry-based learning into their teaching, making science and math more fun, interactive, and accessible.

The GEMS Center also acts as a community resource center for students, teachers and parents who are interested in implementing the inquiry-driven, activity-based approach to science education.


National Educational Center for Robotics

The National Educational Center for Robotics at theJubilee Schoolintroduces computer programming and automated technology to students and teachers from public and private schools throughout the region.

Since 2004, the Center has trained 7,000 students and 1,850 teachers in 60 public schools, including severalUNWRAschools across the country. The Center has also established Robotics labs in two community centers as part ofUNIFEM's e-Village Project. Most recently, the Center has founded Robotics labs inJordan UniversityandPrincess Sumaya University for Technology. In the region, the Center has established Robotics labs in Gifted Education schools in Khartoum, training both students and teachers.

Each year, the National Educational Center for Robotics organizes a two-week Interactive Summer Robotics Camp. Participating students work in groups and receive first-hand experience in designing, building, and programming their own robots. Since 2005, the Center has hosted the annual National Contest on Robotics, the first of its kind in Jordan. Students from Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon take part in the contest. Many of them are sponsored through theKing Abdullah II Fund for Developmentand the King Hussein Foundation, as well as other donors.
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