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KHF and its institutions welcome both individual and corporate donations. You can choose to donate to any aspect of our work. As a donor, you will play a crucial role in sustaining our efforts to create positive, lasting change in people's lives. If you would like to make a difference, make a contribution today.

Find out where your donation will go.

King Hussein Foundation
You will support the development of forward-thinking programs to advance social, economic, and educational reform in Jordan and the region.
You will help fund programs that promote cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. King Hussein Foundation International is registered in the United States of America as a 501(c) (3) entity, and as such all donations are tax deductible.
You will invest in programs that provide the resources needed to help disadvantaged people improve their own lives.
You will help the Scholarship Fund sponsor the education of promising students with leadership potential from disadvantaged areas in Jordan.
You will contribute to interactive productions held across Jordan to promote social change, and ensure the continuity of the annual International Arab Children's Congressfostering tolerance and understanding.
You will help pay for musical instruments and tuition fees for needy students. Donations also go into NMC's Educational Fund, which support university level music education inJordan, including the new Bachelor's Degrees in Music Therapy for underprivileged students from conflict areas in the region.
You will help advance knowledge of critically important issues such as child labor, urban poverty, youth and culture, at the policy level.
You will enable low-income women, children and families to access high quality health care, including psychological and legal counseling, at zero or minimal cost.
Your contributions go straight into the company's capital fund to provide entrepreneurs with loans to start or expand micro-enterprises. 
You will help grassroots community-based organizations become self-reliant through income-generating projects vital to the livelihoods of community members.
You will support entire communities to improve their standards of living. Funds provide comprehensive services, including loans, health education and capacity-building, and pay for much-needed infrastructure improvements, especially in schools.
You will help provide crucial training to entrepreneurs to start and sustain their businesses, and empower rural women to contribute to the economic growth of their communities. 
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