KHF Outreach
A Message from Her Majesty Queen Noor

My husband His Majesty King Hussein steadfastly believed in the right of all Jordanians to live a productive, rewarding life in a peaceful environment. He had faith in the individual spirit as well as the enduring strength of the community, where wisdom comes from sharing insights, listening to and learning from each other.

Today, my husband's vision lives on through the initiatives of the King Hussein Foundation and Noor Al Hussein Foundation. Our programs inspire creative solutions by allowing people to identify their priorities, and draw upon their own skills for the benefit of the entire community. People at all levels of society become involved in the development process and responsible for their own future. Projects succeed because they address the integrated economic, social and cultural needs of individuals, families and entire villages. As a result, Jordanians are joining hands to create a better life for themselves and those around them.

To support our communities, we have forged effective partnerships among individuals and institutions in the public and private sectors on every level, both within the region and internationally. We have assembled a dynamic and dedicated team of men and women that I am privileged to work with to realize our goals. The comprehensive sustainable development models that were first pioneered by the Noor Al Hussein Foundation nearly twenty-five years ago have become internationally recognized models in the areas of poverty eradication, women's economic empowerment, and cross cultural exchange.

As we celebrate the 10thanniversary of the King Hussein Foundation, I am tremendously proud of the tangible changes achieved by our partner institutions in the lives and wellbeing of Jordanians and around the world. King Hussein often reminded fellow leaders of the logical connection between social and economic growth on the one hand, and peace and stability on the other. By promoting cross-cultural understanding, peace, and social development through our programs, we are creating a better life for future generations everywhere.

rabanwatch.comFrom the grassroots communities to international partners, we share a dream, and the responsibility to fulfill it - prosperity and peace for all Jordanians and around the globe. I invite you to explore the web pages of the King Hussein Foundation and the Noor Al Hussein Foundation, and hope that you will be inspired to join our community and work alongside us to make our vision into reality.

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