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افتتاح المبنى الجديد لإدارة معهد العناية بصحة الأسرة 19 November 2017
مبادرة ريادية لتقييم وتأهيل الأطفال ذوي الإعاقة 27 August 2017
Canadian Minister of International Development and La Francophonie Visits UNFPA Supported Clinic In Jordan 26 February 2017
Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein Celebrates Her Birthday on the 23rd of August 23 August 2016
Determination overcomes visual impairment at the 11th National Robotics Competition 29 February 2016
"ناسا" تسجل كوكبا باسم طالب أردني من خريجي مدرسة اليوبيل 29 January 2016
NASA names asteroid “(28831) Abu-Alshaikh” after Jubilee School student 28 January 2016
KHF embraces Jordan’s energy plans 11 January 2016
Jordanian youth empowered to start businesses by Tamweelcom 29 December 2015
تمويلكم تطلق برنامج أعمال شباب الاردن 29 December 2015
New equity to Jordan’s finance industry 26 December 2015
افتتاح اول فرع لمؤسسة إثمار للتمويل الاسلامي 26 December 2015
The Jubilee School hosts 20 international students 05 November 2015
She Parliament 27 October 2015
Irbid Public Schools to Benefit from Two New Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Labs 14 October 2015
King Hussein Foundation committed to empowering Teachers 05 October 2015
The Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education Receives International Accreditation in STEM Education 13 August 2015
Commitment to change voiced out at the closing ceremony of the 34th International Arab Youth Congress 10 August 2015
Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein launches the first Islamic microfinance Sharia compliant institution in Jordan "Ethmar" 09 August 2015
First Smart Class Opens at the Jubilee School 30 July 2015
The Jubilee School Celebrates Graduation of 19th Class 22 July 2015
Y-Peer International Center for Youth Development launched at the National Center for Culture and Arts 13 May 2015
Keep calm and build robots', an inspirational motto for the 8th Arab Open Robotics Championship! 07 April 2015
The Regional Y-PEER Theatre Based PEER Education Training concludes another round. 26 March 2015
Release of Kinship Care Study 17 March 2015
Premiering Jordanian Interactive Theater at the International Women's Theater Festival" in Tunisia 07 March 2015
How can we advance Jordan's CSO sustainability for 2014 and 2015? 02 March 2015
Her Majesty Queen Noor launches the first Business Development Incubator in Ajloun 15 January 2015
جلالة الملكة نور الحسين تفتتح اول حاضنة تطوير الاعمال في عجلون 15 January 2015
King Hussein Foundation e-newsletter - issue 22 10 December 2014
Jubilee School App Reaches Top 20 Among Edutainment Games Globally 07 December 2014
COFAS prepares the Jubilee Schools' gifted youth to excel in the world of Information Technology. 26 November 2014
Paradigm changes in response to rehabilitation of tortured survivors in the region 12 November 2014
Coppelia Ballet, Empowerment Through Performing Arts 30 October 2014
Creating Job Opportunities For Jordanian Youth Through Fekrati Award for Entrepreneurship 26 October 2014
Will Jordanian Civil Society Organizations remain Sustainably 'Impeded'? 23 October 2014
Creating a substantial network of experts on trauma 28 September 2014
Over 600 health services provided to the uninsured in Qweismeh 15 September 2014
Celebrating Her Majesty Queen Noor's Birthday 24 August 2014
جلالة الملكة نور الحسين تحتفل بعيد ميلادها 24 August 2014
Jubilee Institute hosts the 3rd Expo Science-Asia in Jordan 08 August 2014
King Hussein Foundation e-newsletter - issue 21 17 July 2014
Her Majesty Queen Noor visits the Emirates Jordan Camp for Syrian Refugees 16 July 2014
"Fekrati" Fosters Entrepreneurship among Jordan's Youth 25 June 2014
The National Music Conservatory Strives to Make the Arts Accessible to All 20 June 2014
Stronger CBOs, More Prosperous Communities 20 June 2014
New IFH Branch Expands Access to Critical Family Health Services 18 June 2014
Underprivileged School Wins Big at Robotics and International FLL Competitions 01 June 2014
Raising Awareness for a Healthier Jordan 29 May 2014
Jubilee Institute Internationally Recognized for Achievements in Gifted Education and Leadership 18 May 2014
Theater-Based Education Makes an Impact 14 May 2014
Engineering a Better World through Formula 1 11 May 2014
The Tamweelcom Family Honors Working Moms 11 May 2014
Young Musicians Orchestra Offers Skill Development and Fun for Children 03 May 2014
Health Education Improves Lives of Refugees and Impoverished Communities 02 May 2014
IFH Programs Build Self-Confidence for Refugee Women 30 April 2014
Leading Jordan in Music Education 29 April 2014
HAQQI Shows that Knowledge is Power 22 April 2014
Banding Together for the Future of Jordan's Youth 20 April 2014
فرص جديدة لمنظمات المجتمع المدني 16 April 2014
Dance Festival Brings Cross-Cultural Understanding to the Main Stage 10 April 2014
Rural Women Become Communities' Biggest Success Stories 04 April 2014
Expanding Access to Medical Care for Jordan's Poor 30 March 2014
Unlocking the Mysteries of Missing Women in the Workforce 12 March 2014
Fostering Financial Independence Among Jordan's Poor 10 March 2014
King Hussein Foundation e-newsletter - issue 20 05 March 2014
Building Future Leaders through Innovative Extracurriculars 05 March 2014
Malala Yousafzai Visits the Jubilee School for Dialogue with Students and is selected for the King Hussein Leadership Prize 2012 17 February 2014
The Institute for Family Health Celebrates 25 Years 06 February 2014
Tamweelcom AssistsYoung Entrepreneurs with New 05 February 2014
Instilling an Early Love of Music through NMC’s Youth Orchestra 31 January 2014
Distinguished Visitors Enrich NMC's Educational Program 18 January 2014
Queen Noor Honored for Lifetime of Service in Youth Issues 13 January 2014
Shedding Light on Youth Issues, Homebound Girls, and Human Rights 13 January 2014
Making Reading Accessible to Jordan's Rural Women 10 January 2014
Shaping Jordan's Future through Politically-Active Youth 05 January 2014
A Practical Solution for Raising the Bar for Educators across Jordan 20 December 2013
2nd Arab Conference for Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Kicks Off 14 December 2013
Reflecting on the Jubilee School Experience 10 December 2013
National Center for Culture and Arts Performs at "Enough! Human Rights for All" Event to Raise Awareness on Gender-Based Violence 10 December 2013
SANAD Assists Tamweelcom's Beneficiaries through $1.5 Million Loan 08 December 2013
Health Interventions in the Jordan Valley Bring Crucial Services to Syrians and Locals Alike 25 November 2013
DAFI Program Makes Educational Dreams a Reality for Syrian Refugees 24 November 2013
The Jubilee School Celebrates its 20th Anniversary 17 November 2013
King Hussein Foundation e-newsletter issue 19 16 October 2013
Tamweelcom Awarded 1st Place among Jordan’s Large Service Organizations 09 October 2013
Through Culture and Arts, King Hussein’s Legacy Carries On 07 October 2013
IFH Provides Crucial Insights on Refugees at UN ExCom 30 September 2013
Enacting Change through Theater 27 September 2013
Students Gear Up for National Robotics Competition 23 September 2013
"My Right to Education" Keeps Underprivileged Students in School 18 September 2013
A Musical Revival at Amman's Citadel 31 August 2013
Civil Society under the Microscope 25 August 2013
IFH and Regional Advisory Committee Launch Trauma Rehabilitation Regionalization Plan 21 August 2013
Tamweelcom Fights Poverty by Improving Financial Service Accessibility in Jordan's North 15 August 2013
Exciting Youth Enterprise Partnership Established Between Tamweelcom and Silatech 07 August 2013
Agreement Signing Signifies Early Stages of Entrepreneurship in Ain Al Basha and Al Mafraq 04 August 2013
33rd International Arab Youth Congress Concludes with a Message of Hope 28 July 2013
The Jubilee School 30 June 2013
Jubilee School team bags first prize, Innovation category award at Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 Jordan 09 May 2013
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