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Her Majesty Queen Noor Graduates Jubilee School Class of 2008
12th July 2008
Amman, Jordan (12 July 2008) – Her Majesty Queen Noor today patronized the graduation ceremony of the 12th class of graduates of the Jubilee School.


A major King Hussein Foundation institution, the Jubilee School is Jordan’s first independent, co-educational secondary school for meritorious students from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, with special emphasis on those from disadvantaged areas.


In his address, President of the Jubilee School Friends Association, His Excellency Senator Aqel Biltaji, encouraged the graduates to engage as leaders in their communities in line with His Majesty King Hussein's belief that 'Jordan's most precious asset is its people'. "King Hussein once said to me that what matters is not where one comes from, or who one is, but how one can give back to the community and contribute to our great country. This is the fundamental doctrine of the Jubilee School. Our focus must and will remain on meritocracy, so that every student knows that ability and effort – and not background – is what counts," Mr. Biltaji said.


Graduating students paid tribute to the school, highlighting the positive impact it has made on their lives. “We have been through so many experiences that have shaped our personalities, such as the Jubilee Model United Nations that we organized and participated in, the Youth Forums, the student exchange trips, the plays and the exhibitions," Haitham Al Khatib said. “Today marks the advent of a new life for each of us. We all have the ability and aptitude to accomplish our goals, and once we have, we can then impart our skills to others to give back to those that gave so much to us.”


Previous graduates from the Jubilee School Alumni Club, who have embarked on highly successful careers, also spoke at the ceremony. 


Among them was Shireen Dabbas, who earned a BA in Physiotherapy from the University of Jordan, but dedicated her career to working with individuals and families affected by landmines. She currently works with Landmine Survivors Network, an NGO patronized by Queen Noor that helps mine victims and their families recover. She told the graduates: “I am able to capitalize on the social service spirit that the Jubilee School nurtured in us by calling often on my peers from the Alumni Club to volunteer for this noble cause.”


Jubilee School Principal, Abla Zuraykat, recounted some of the major accomplishments of the graduates and spoke of the importance of continuing to learn and develop. “Talents are of no worth or significance unless paired with hard work, diligence and integrity,” Mrs. Zuraykat said.


At the close of the ceremony, Queen Noor presented 96 students with their graduation certificates, bringing the total number of Jubilee School graduates to 1,137.



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