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Institute for Family Health Offers Free Health Screenings to Children
18th January 2012

Around 25 Jordanian and Iraqi children participated in the Institute for Family Health's (IFH) free health screening clinic on Monday, January 16, 2012.

Kids from the IFH's facility in Sweileh and from the Hashmi center in East Amman lined up for free dental screenings by IFH Dentist Dr. Emad Hamam.

After discovering a high prevalence of cavities among some his young patients Hamam recommended the following:

"Children should get in the habit of brushing regularly, and flossing. In addition parents need to ensure that their child is following a low sugar diet."

The children also received a blood screening for anemia at no charge by lab technician Ayat Fityani.

Fityani, who discovered that many of the children are anemic, says she referred some of the children to IFH doctors for further care.

In addition to the free health screenings, the children were invited to express themselves through drawing.

IFH legal consultant Madelaine Muaddie, who helped coordinate the event, says group activities for kids, whose families reside in lower-income neighborhoods, are especially important.

"The event provided us with indicators that allow us to put together a treatment action plan for each child," said Muaddie.

The group in attendance on Monday included children with disabilities.

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