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Jubilee School Students Sharpen Negotiating Skills by Participating in 9th Jubilee Model United Nations
7th March 2012

His Excellency Dr. Adnan Badran joins students participating in the 9th JMUN

96 student delegates from the Jubilee School recently spent three days honing their skills as negotiators, speech writers, and debaters by participating in the Jubilee Model United Nations (JMUN) hosted by the Jubilee School of the King Hussein Foundation.

The event was held on February 23-25, 2012 under the patronage of former Prime Minister Dr. Adnan Badran, who also chairs the Jubilee Institute Board of Directors.  Featured sessions included discussion of the legality of the use of force in the former Yugoslavia, the Arab spring and human rights violations, and the future of Palestine in relation to UN resolutions.
All participating students were given a one day introductory course to the JMUN in January; the JMUN is an authentic student-run simulation of the multilateral bodies of the United Nations including the General Assembly, the Security Council, and the International Court of Justice.

The goal of the JMUN is to promote student interest in international relations and issues pertaining to regional, global, and controversial concerns; consequently increasing their capacity to engage in conflict resolution and problem solving.

Student organizer Leen Fatafteh says it's all about teaching Jubilee students to become global citizens:

"We wanted to get out of our narrow-minded national concerns," said Fatafteh, "and take a deeper look at international concerns."

The 16-year old student says that the three-day event and the training day provided students with the opportunity to learn how to negotiate and how to debate "topics that really matter."

While participation is not considered mandatory, students who do take part in the JMUN receive academic credit for their contribution.

Since its foundation, the Jubilee School has worked to foster student leadership, communication and personal development skills through the implementation of global and national programs and activities.  

The JMUN has been successfully run and organized for the past eight years at the Jubilee School, helping to develop Jordan's next generation of leaders and thinkers.

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