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New Tamweelcom branch in commercial hub provides increased accessibility to women business owners
9th April 2012

HM Queen Noor inaugurates 22nd Tamweelcom Branch

On Monday, April 9, 2012 Her Majesty Queen Noor celebrated the official opening of Tamweelcom's 22nd branch which will serve 1,300 beneficiaries in Sweileh and Jubayha.

Previously many of the clients, 96% of whom are women, had to travel all the way to the Tamweelcom branch office in Bayader in order to access micro-finance services.

Tamweelcom CEO Ziad Al Refai says part of their strategy includes expanding their outreach and opening new offices:

"Outreach is the main indicator to measure the success of the micro finance industry; this means that we open branches in populated areas where we can provide better services and make it easier for clients to receive our services."

41-year old Tamweelcom beneficiary Ayda Al Qarneh is a pioneer; she launched a carpentry business out of her home six years ago. She participated in group micro-finance loans for women in 2010 and 2011.

The money from the loan enabled her to purchase a sander and a 200-liter air compressor which allow her to work more efficiently while creating brightly painted custom-made cabinets and wardrobes she in turn sells to six or seven store owners every month.

On Monday afternoon she had the chance to show off some of her handiwork to Queen Noor who stopped by for a visit following the grand opening ceremony.

Carpenter and businesswoman Ayda Al Qarneh shows off her handiwork to HM Queen Noor

Qarneh remarks that the new Tamweelcom branch, just 15-minutes from her home, will make her loan transactions for her and other women much less time consuming:

"For a woman...if she wants to take a loan it is much more convenient and accessible, she doesn't have to leave her kids and home for a long time... for any woman anything that is close to her house makes it more accessible and better."

The divorced mother of three says she loves the independence and creativity that running her own business provides.

"I am the Queen of myself, it's better now I'm doing something that I like and want," remarked Qarneh.

Her oldest son Ehsan Al Jarah now looks to his own mother as a role model; he says he's now inspired to own his own taxi instead of just driving one.

Tamweelcom, established as Jordan Micro Credit Company in 1999, plans to open another two offices later this year in more rural areas, one in the north and one in the southern part of Jordan.

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