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Benefit Concert Wednesday Night to Save the Amman Symphony Orchestra
17th April 2012
Wednesday night the members of the Amman Symphony Orchestra (ASO) will gather for a special benefit concert at the Al Hussein Cultural Center in Ras Al Ain to raise support for the Kingdom's only professional symphony orchestra.


A loss of donor funding means that the ASO and the Amman Arab Music Ensemble (AAME) will close down at the end of the 2012 concert season if they do not raise enough financial support from both public and private institutions.


Wednesday night's 7:30pm concert, presented by the newly formed "Friends of Amman Symphony Orchestra" features visiting French conductor Alain Paris, and Swiss visiting pianist Timon Altwegg.  The program performed by the ASO includes the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss II.


For ticket information please call the National Music Conservatory at 476-7221 or 7222.


The National Music Conservatory has been developing Jordanian musicians for more than 25 years…leading to the formation of the ASO and the AAME in 2006.  They began performing in 2007, providing Jordanians with the opportunity to experience music through the works of great composers, visiting conductors, and fine soloists.


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