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Tremendous Response to Noor Al Hussein Foundation's Free Medical Days in Al Qweira
26th April 2012
Patient gets toothbrush from dentist & meets HRH Princess Basmah Hamzah

Thursday, April 26, 2012 - More than 1,200 residents from five communities in the area which encompasses the Al Qweira Poverty Pockets visited doctors specializing in internal medicine, dentistry, pediatrics, gynecology, in addition to an ear, nose and throat specialist.  The "Free Medical Days" held on April 24, 25, and 26 are part of the Noor Al Hussein Foundation's (NHF) Poverty Pockets Empowerment program.


The clinics, which provided access to free medical care and lab work, also included counseling sessions on social issues for patients and free screenings for the early detection of childhood disabilities including delays in speech and language development.  Adults were also tested for hearing and vision loss  and a physical therapist conducted simple physiotherapy exercises with mothers and their children that can be replicated in the home.

Physical Therapist works with baby 


A 12-member medical team from NHF's Institute for Family Health worked alongside doctors from the Jordanian Royal Medical Services.


The majority of the patients came in for diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses and special needs.
Young Ahmad visits Pediatrician
In addition to the check ups, around 1,300 free medications were distributed in the clinics through the generous support of the Jordanian Royal Medical Services in partnership with Khraim Drug store, Kurdi Drug store, Dar Al Dawa Development & Investment Company, Munir Sukhtian Group Company, Novartis, Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companty and Hayat Pharmaceutical Industries.


On day two of the event Her Royal Highness Princess Basmah Hamzah toured the seven specialized clinics, meeting with patients and discussing some of the cases that were being screened by the doctors and specialists.


She remarked that it was encouraging to see the Royal Medical Services and the Noor Al Hussein Foundation working together and collaborating for the well being of the underprivileged in Al Qweira.  She added that enhancing the health, education, and socio-economic interventions available to families will ensure a brighter future for those living in these communities.


"It was evident today," she said, "that this has become a unified goal among all partners and I hope it will continue."


Dr. Ibrahim Al Amr, Director of the Military Integrated Al Qweira Medical Center, noted that the free medical days are beneficial to the Al Qweira community, especially the clinic for the screening of disabilities.


"A number of residents are in need of hearing aids, hearing aid batteries, and walkers.  All these cases will be checked and diagnosed by the doctor in charge and will be referred to the public and military hospitals for a complete check up and treatment," Dr. Ibrahim explained.


Mohammad Al Zoubi, program manager for the NHF agrees:


"The clinics help by providing some of the medical services that are not available to the people who live in this area," said Al Zoubi, "especially in the early detection of disabilities which will be followed up on and treated in coordination with the military and public hospitals in Aqaba."

Hazayem Hajoun, a mother of a three-year old girl suffering from a nerve disorder in her left arm, says she was grateful for the opportunity to take her daughter to the "Free Medical Days" which offered free physical therapy:


"I go twice a week to Amman to provide my daughter with the needed physical therapy," Hajoun noted.  "Today the physical therapist taught me new exercises that I can apply to my daughter's hand on a daily basis to make it better.  They have also used a new nerve stimulating device which should show promising results."


The NHF expressed its gratitude to ASEZA for providing the foundation with a bus which transferred the patients to and from the area where they reside to the Military Integrated Al Qweira Medical Center.


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