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Jubilee Student Graduation Projects Inspire
30th May 2012
HRH Princess Basmah Hamzah with Jubilee Students May 30, 2012

Those in need of a little inspiration in these trying times need look no further than the 11thgrade class of theKing Hussein Foundation’s Jubilee Schoolwho celebrated completion their graduation requirements with a recognition ceremony on May 30, 2012 under the Patronage ofHer Royal Highness Princess Basmah Hamzah.

Sixty-six students who have completed the required coursework and performed 120 hours of community service displayed 42 graduation projects during an exhibit toured by Princess Basmah, project sponsors and parents on Wednesday.

Students whose projects earned special recognition included 16-year old Sohaib Maghnam and 17-year old Hazem Khadash who placed first for “Outstanding Project” with their display of a prototype car exhaust purification system which converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and then reduces the emission of CO2 resulting in a cleaner atmosphere using low cost technology.
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Sohaib Maghnam displays purification system

Maghnam says the year long endeavor taught him a lot of lessons:

“I learned that I love science,” he said.“We also learned how to deal with people outside our school, research writing, [and] presentation skills.”Rolex Datejust Replica Watch

Their Car Exhaust Purification System also landed them as finalists in the International Science and Engineering Fair held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 13, 2012.

The year long graduation project is required for all 11thgrade students who attend theJubilee School, and the process actually begins with a “Research Methodology and Experimental Design” course taken during the 10thgrade.

The research unit at the school was established in 2009 in order to assist the students and to further the goal of training up the next generation of scientists, engineers, and leaders in Jordan.

“Teaching research enables the students to pursue solutions to problems that challenge our global community through partnerships with distinguished professionals at universities, research institutions, and businesses,” remarkedJubilee InstituteDirector Suha Jouaneh.“Students are encouraged to design and implement research studies and surveys, and to take part in national and international competitions, Olympiads, and championships.”

Also recognized during Wednesday’s ceremony were 17 year old Bashar Natour and 16-year old Mohammad Bataineh for their Anti-Sleep Car Device which placed 2ndfor “Outstanding Project”.

The prototype includes a high blood pressure cuff which set off an audio alarm to alert the driver when a drop in blood pressure is detected, which is a sign of drowsiness and the early stages of sleep.
Bashar Natour & Mohammad Bataineh with Anti-Sleep Car Device

Natour says his graduation project taught him that persistence pays off:

“You try and you fail, you try, you fail, you try, you fail…eventually you’re bound to meet success at a certain point.”

Another success story is Ezz-Deen Sammour and his teammate’s Motorized Wearable Device for Impaired Lower Limbs which was recognized for “Best Design”.The 16-year old says his grandmother, who wears a medical boot, served as his inspiration.

“We have to help other people who suffer from this,” he explained.“My grandmother and also many people have [elderly] family members who suffer [in walking because of fatigue in their leg muscles]…so we can solve other people’s problems.”

Ezz-Deen Sammour's Motorized Device

Sammour’s pre-design model attaches a small motor placed on the hip joint to control movement of a knee-brace.The purpose of the affordable motorized wearable system is to assist people with impaired lower limbs in walking by reducing stress on the knees and supporting their body weight.

In order to continue the tradition of innovative research and academic excellence on display Wednesday, theJubilee Schooloffers partial and full scholarships to almost 98% of its student population.That means the school needs to raise financial support to replenish its Scholarship Fund.For more information on ways to help

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