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Tamweelcom co-hosts annual MicroFinance Network Conference for First Time in Jordan
3rd June 2012
MEMCC's Suha Tleel, Tamweelcom's Mustafa Nasereddin, HM Queen Noor, MFN's Motaz El Tabaa and KHF's Hana Shahin June 2, 2012
Sunday, June 3, 2012 Amman - Leaders from micro-finance industry gathered in Jordan to come up with innovative ways to improve their industry.  Tamweelcom and the Middle East Micro Credit Company (MEMCC) hosted the annual MicroFinance Network (MFN) conference under the Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein.

This year’s conference explored “How to be a Da Vinci Company” in order to find ways to serve current potential clients more effectively.
  A “Da Vinci Company” means an extraordinary company with a brilliant team which offers innovative concepts and products. 

“Examining the ideas of Leonardo to find ways of making companies better is a fascinating way to encourage innovative thinking,” said Queen Noor during the opening remarks of the conference. 
She continued, “the ultimate goal of making microfinance better is to make lives better.  Especially the lives of women and their children.” 

Queen Noor pointed out that economically empowered women are more able to participate fully in the social, economic and political life of the community and the nation, thereby impacting the development, prosperity and stability of their societies.

Tamweelcom CEO Ziad Al Refai welcomed the attendees at this year’s conference which includes 33 participants from 20 organizations representing 17 countries from around the world. 

MFN Director Masami Hayashi explains why meeting in person matters:

”The discussions become richer, we inspire each other and get insights….and what we really try to do in the MicroFinance Network
 is to provoke open dialogue…we share the challenges that we face, not only the best practices….so that we can learn from that.”

The three-day seminar included a social performance task force to institute formal procedures to measure social performance across six categories including defining and monitoring target clients and social goals, enhancing commitment to social performance, and protecting clients’ rights.

Elisabeth Rhyne, managing director of the Center for Financial Inclusion at ACCION International said she planned to talk with her colleagues about a new certification process that will enable micro finance institutions to be certified as protecting their client’s adequately:

“What’s really credible is to have a third party take a look at what you do,” explained Rhyne, “so the certification that we’re going to be talking about involves a third party coming in and looking at the processes you actually use to make sure that clients are treated right.”

Rhyne says this is a first in the industry and will be introduced very soon.
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