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Social Solidarity Society Contributes to National Efforts to Save the Amman Symphony Orchestra
11th June 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 Amman The National Music Conservatory (NMC) has been struggling to raise funds to support the Amman Symphony Orchestra (ASO) and Amman Arab Music Ensemble (AAME) after it unexpectedly lost donor funds last year.

In a display of unprecedented support from civil society, the Social Solidarity Society presented a check for JOD 30,000 to the NMC.

Rana Al Qadi, Lana Daoud, & Rima Shaer present the Social Solidarity Society's  donation to Dr. Kifah Fakhoury, Director of the NMC, and Hana Shahin, Exec. Director of the King Hussein Foundation

Rana Al Qadi, Rima Shaer & Lana Daoud present a check from the Social Solidarity Society to Dr. Kifah Fakhouri, NMC Director (middle) & Hana Shahin, KHF Executive Director (right)

The Social Solidarity Society, which was founded in 1982 to help Jordan’s disadvantaged, raised the funds by hosting two concerts of the Amman Symphony Orchestra and the Jordanian singer Zein Awad in May.

When asked why the Social Solidarity Society chose to support the ASO and AAME, member Rima Shaer explained, “The Social Solidarity Society will not allow the national efforts that have been extended to develop the orchestra and high-quality arts programs for 25 years to be lost. We strongly feel that the civil community should contribute to such initiatives - the government should not be the only entity providing services to the Jordanian community. Civil societies and companies should participate in overcoming challenges the communities face. It is part of our social responsibility.”

The NMC and the King Hussein Foundation would like to recognize and thank each member of the Social Solidarity Society for their commitment and support:

Amal Abiedat, President; Suhad Al Qadi, Vice President; Raghda Al Masri; Zein Shbilat, Treasurer; Mahera Abu Ghazaleh; Zein Merei, Lana Daoud; Adeeba Kadiri; Rana Al Qadi; Salma Shami; and Rima Shaer.

The Social Solidarity Society provides monthly cash assistance to 60 families in Jordan and hosts events to raise funds for several other activities to assist the most disadvantaged. Recently, the Society purchased a dialysis machine for the Ajloun government hospital and conducted a campaign to provide blankets and heating for those in need. They have also provided assistance during crises in Gaza.
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