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Students Excel in Science at Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education Summer Camp
18th July 2012


Young Scientists Learn by Doing
July 18, 2012 - Fifty aspiring young scientists spent part of their summer putting their minds to work by participating in the Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education (JCEE) "We are Future Scientists" summer camp held in cooperation with Techno Future Jordan at the Jubilee Institute.


The camp, which was open to students ages 4-to-16 helped the children explore their potential in math and science through interactive sessions which included computer science, robotics, Math and Chess, and participation in the Great Exploration in Math and Science (GEMS) Center.


18 instructors participated in this year's camp which was offered during the daytime to students from Amman July 1st-18th.
JCEE Director Ismail Yasein says participants showed a lot of interest in learning more about the "STEM" program which includes science, technology, engineering, and math.
"The aim of the summer camp is to encourage students to learn science and mathematics and technology in a fun, interactive learning environment that may help inspire them to become future scientists," explained Yasein.  
This is the 4th year in a row that the JCEE has offered an interactive summer camp for students in hopes of cultivating the next generation of engineers and scientists in Jordan.


The JCEE, founded in 1998 develops innovative curricula and interactive training programs for teachers and administrators in public and private schools, and works to advance national and regional educational standards.


The JCEE specializes in training teachers in the use of advanced educational technology.  To date, thousands of schools in Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Palestine, among other countries in the Middle East, have been trained in the use of information technology in eduation, robotics, AfterSchool KidszScience and the 'Great Explorations in Math and Science' (GEMS) program. 

The JCEE also organizes regional competitions and prepares students for international competitions in computer programming and design, robotics and renewable energy.
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