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National Center for Culture and Arts Launches Interactive Play Empowering Young Jordanian Women
13th September 2012
 September 13, 2012 AmmanThe National Center for Culture and Arts (NCCA) is performing a new interactive play entitled, “Tawazun” (which stands for “Balance” in English) after debuting the play at the Zara Cultural Center in Amman as part of a comprehensive effort to empower young Jordanian women through effective self-expression of their views and aspirations.


The NCCA held an 8-week intensive training workshop on creative writing and theater techniques for 20 female students and 10 male students from private and public schools.   

The training workshop provided the women participants with skills to empower them to take risks; promoting their self-confidence and self-esteem by helping them to become active agents for change through speech, improvisation, and role playing. 
The participation of the 10 male students in the second part of the workshop allowed them the opportunity to increase their understanding of their female peers and promote their support for empowering young women.


The workshops resulted in the writing of 17 monologues by the female participants and seven monologues by the male participants. 


The NCCA Interactive Theatre Troupe reviewed the monologues and combined them in a theatrical context in the new play "Tawazun" which offers the audience a chance to participate in the drama during the discussion of the issues raised by the play.
The Interactive Theater Troupe is currently touring with “Tawazun” in various governorates throughout the Kingdom. The monologues were also published in a booklet that has been distributed to schools and cultural centers in Jordan.
The project is supported by the Norwegian Embassy in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Greater Amman Municipality.
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