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Poverty Pockets Empowerment Program Expands its Reach
26th September 2012
Maen Hamdan improves his coffee shop in Al Mouwaqqar
September 26, 2012 - It’s been a busy summer for the Noor Al Hussein Foundation staff at the Community Development Program (CDP), implementing socioeconomic initiatives that assist in alleviating poverty and improving the overall standard of living under the Poverty Pockets Empowerment Program, funded by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.  
They’ve been working hard on the following initiatives which are ongoing:

The signing of seven new revolving loan fund agreements with seven CBOs from Northern Ghor, Al Mouwaqqar, Al Mafraq, and Ain Al Basha in the amount of 117 thousand JOD.  The agreements provides access to funds to the CBO community members, either to start their own micro enterprises, or to improve the infrastructure of their households.

To date 300 families have benefited from the Revolving Loan Funds, including 25 families with members who are disabled.  It's also important to note that 54% of the total loan beneficiaries have been women.

Women weave baskets in Al Quttain

Several vocational training courses were conducted over the summer to assist in the sustainability of micro-enterprises and the empowerment of potential entrepreneurs.

Trainees, mainly women, were taught how to weave baskets, the basics of home gardening, beauty service skills and computer literacy.

The CDP is also in the process of signing 10 agreements with different CBOs to establish their own income generating projects.  These projects are expected to create 46 new full time job opportunities. 

Examples include the establishment of a gas distribution company, photography studios, and a water filtration station and ice factory.

Other developments include improving the educational environment in 9 schools through the renovation of sanitation units, doors and windows and paint in Al Qutraneh, Ain Al Basha, Mafraq, Northern Ghor and Al Mouwaqqar.

Special attention was devoted to the creation of recreational activities for the youth by building two football fields  in the areas of Al Qutraneh and Um Al Quttain.

To enhance the health services provided by 20 health centers in all seven Poverty Pockets, 128 pieces of medical equipment including wheel chairs, fetal heart detectors, and ECG recorders were distributed.

Health Center in Al Qutraneh gets equipment

Additionally, awareness campaigns were conducted on health related issues in cooperation with the Institute for Family Health.  Community members were sensitized on reproductive health and family planning, healthy lifestyles and family violence.  Special capacity building sessions were extended to CBOs working with the disabled.
In order to address transportation challenges facing local communities, the CDP is renovating a bus station in Northern Ghor right now with kiosks for the disabled that will allow them to generate income by selling their products.

To encourage the youth to join the workforce and believe in their potential, the National Center for Culture and Arts performed four interactive plays dealing with the topic of the “culture of shame”.  The plays were presented in Northern Ghor, Al Qweirah, Al Muwaqqar, and Al Mafraq.

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