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Jubilee Students Win Awards at Computer Olympiad in India
2nd October 2012
Jubilee School Students Compete at COFAS 2012

October 2, 2012 – Students from the Jubilee School won 6 awards at the annual Computer Olympiad in Lucknow, India known as “COFAS” (Computer Fair and Seminar) which was held on September 15-18, 2012.

The students placed in six categories including a written and computer quiz in computer information, design and recognition for being among the most effective teams.

This marks the third time the Jubilee School has represented Jordan in the internationally recognized computer competition among young competitors from around the world.

According to the COFAS website the annual event is an effort to encourage advanced computer knowledge among young people.  It also provides an opportunity for participants to build global friendships.

The students from the Jubilee School competed among 62 teams comprised of around 600 students from seven different countries including India, Nigeria, Nepal, Bangledesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Jordan.

In addition to the Computer Olympiad, the Jubilee School team took part in the student parliament organized in conjunction with the event in India to discuss international challenges.

The Jubilee School team participating in the parliament and the Olympiad consisted of 11th grade students Hamzah Fakhri, Zaid Toubasi, Osama Turki, and Islam Abu Al Ruz and 10th grade students Fahed Hassan and Muhammad Haha under the supervision of Nabil Issa.

During the closing ceremony Hamzah Fakhri had the chance to express his excitement for what the team accomplished in representing Jordan at the event.

He also voiced his appreciation for the opportunity to form new friendships with participants from around the world.

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