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NHF's Poverty Pockets Empowerment Program launches new initiative for Youth Entrepreneurs with "Sherkitna" Initiative
2nd October 2012
Maher Kaddour and Hana Mitri Shahin Sign Agreement

September 27, 2012 - The Noor Al Hussein Foundation’s (NHF) Poverty Pockets Empowerment Program, funded by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, recently signed an agreement with the Al Jude Foundation’s “Sherkitna” Initiative to sponsor and support profitable businesses in 40 schools located in seven poverty pockets.

Through its sponsorship, a start-up fund of 200 JOD will be given to each group of school students and their respective supervisors to invest in a potentially viable business idea, in addition to providing them with the guidance and training necessary to take the idea from concept-to-completion.

The training workshops organized under the initiative present the students with a comprehensive understanding of the steps involved in launching a sustainable enterprise, thereby increasing the likelihood of success when starting a new business.

 “Providing the youth with the opportunity to start and manage profitable businesses is key to developing a generation of entrepreneurs who will be capable of leading a brighter future” , noted Hana Mitri Shahin, NHF’s Executive Director.

“Having the students undergo real life business experience is what makes this initiative unique; the students will face challenges and learn how to turn them into opportunities”, she added.  

Maher Kaddoura, Founder of the “Sherkitna” Initiative pointed out that he aspires to highlight Jordan as a platform for creativity and knowledge in the Arab world.

“This vision is best realized by empowering the school teachers, students and their families,” Kaddoura explained.

After helping the students finalize their businesses, Sherkitna will allocate 50% of the generated profits to improving the schools’ infrastructure while the other 50% will be divided among the students and the teachers. 

Sherkitna is an initiative owned by the nonprofit Al Jude Foundation which seeks to foster an aptitude for entrepreneurship, productivity, and innovation in young people.  It is run in collaboration with Jordan’s Ministry of Education.

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