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Tamweelcom and Zain’s Mobile Money Solutions Wins Award
8th October 2012
Terrapin CEO Matthew Wallhead & Tamweelcom CEO Ziad Al Refai

October 8, 2012 – Tamweelcom (Jordan Micro Credit Company) and Zain Jordan have been recognized by the “Telecoms World Middle East Awards 2012” for their partnership in providing mobile money solutions to support micro-finance initiatives in the Middle East.

The newly developed service allows Tamweelcom clients to make payments on their micro-finance loans through their mobile phones using a service provided exclusively by Zain Jordan.

The mobile money solutions simplifies the process for Tamweelcom clients by eliminating transportation needs, saving beneficiaries both time and money.

The service is particularly advantageous to Tamweelcom’s women clients as it allows them the flexibility to pay over their phones, eliminating the need to come up with child care in order to leave the home to make payments on their micro-finance loans.

Her Majesty Queen Noor presided over the agreement between Zain Jordan and Tamweelcom in December of 2010.

Tamweelcom and Zain Jordan launched the mobile money solutions campaign for their clients in April of 2011.

The “Telecoms World Middle East Awards 2012" is one of the highly acclaimed and prestigious entities in the world of telecommunication and it has recognized this partnership between Tamweelcom and Zain Jordan for its ability to support and develop communities.

The award was presented to Tamweelcom CEO Ziad Al Refai and to Ahmad Hanandeh, Zain Jordan Chief Executive Officer at a Gala Dinner on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 in Dubai.

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