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First Arab Robotics Conference in Jordan October 14-16, 2012
10th October 2012
 Dr. Oussama Khatib Dr. Ethan Danahy

October 10, 2012 Media Advisory – The Arab Robotics Association and the Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education (JCEE) of the King Hussein Foundation proudly announce the first Arab Robotics Conference in Jordan to be held under the patronage of HRH Prince Hamzah Bin Al Hussein.

The opening ceremony is at the Landmark Hotel in Amman on Sunday, October 14, 2012 at 10am. Media are invited to attend.

The three-day conference will feature two international specialists in robotics, Dr. Oussama Khatib, professor of Computer Science from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Stanford University and Dr. Ethan Danahy, Director of the Engineering Research Program at Tufts University School of Engineering.

In addition to the keynote speakers, 20 specialists in robotics will present their working papers and 200 engineers and scientists working in robotics in Arab countries will take part in the conference.

Topics to be addressed at the conference include the challenges of robotics in the Arab world, global and regional investment opportunities in robotics, and the importance of robotics science in industry, agriculture, and education.

The Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education (JCEE) was founded in 1998 to focus on the use of advanced educational technology to develop innovative curricula and interactive training program for students, teachers and administrators in Jordan.

The JCEE also organizes regional competitions and prepares students for international competitions in technology and design, robotics and renewable energy.

For the past eight years the JCEE has organized and hosted the national robotics competition in Jordan.  The JCEE is one of the important centers in the field of robotics in Jordan and the region; in 2004 the JCEE established the National Education Center for Robotics (NECR) and since that time thousands of students and teachers have benefitted from its training programs and activity in the field of robotics. 

The JCEE has organized and hosted the Arab robotics competition for three years.  The JCEE has also hosted the Arab Robotics Association since it was established in 2011.




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