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The Jubilee School
30th June 2013

TheJubilee Schoolcontinues to sweep away local and international competition as its students distinguish themselves as innovative global citizens, who are also passionate to effect change in their communities through applications of sciences and technology.

For example, the "Devastators,” a team from theJubilee School, placed first at theMicrosoft Imagine Cup 2013 Jordancompetition this May for their “smart-top” project that helps the elderly monitor their health and measure body temperature.  This team excelled over 450 other students from schools and universities in developing innovative technology.  They will represent Jordan at theImagine Cup 2013 Worldwidefinals inRussiathis July, competing alongside delegations from over 180 countries.

TheJubilee Schoolhas been meeting similar success at theIntel International Science and Engineering Fair, theQUANTAcompetition, theBetween the Lineswriting program, theTechGirlssummer exchange,Jordan’s IGCSEexaminations, and theScientific Research competition.

Theremarkable achievements, locally and internationally, is a testament to the successful impact of a multidisciplinary approach to advanced education at theJubilee School.

A few of theJubilee School’s many accomplishments so far this year include a student that placed second at theIntel International Science and Engineering FairinArizona, USin May 2013 for his project in MathematicalSciences. At the same conference, theAmerican Geo sciences Institute presentedtwoJubilee Schoolstudents with a third place award for their research in geological sciences.  In December 2012, aJubilee Schoolstudentplaced thirdatQUANTA, the international competition for science, mathematics, mental ability and electronics held annually inIndia.

This summer, a Jubilee school student was selected by the Department of State Educational and Cultural Exchange Programs at the US Embassy to participate inBetween the Lines (BTL); a summercreative writingprogram that brings together young writers from around the world for cultural exchange and enrichment.  The program is held in partnership with theUniversity of Iowa’s International Writing Program.

Another teenage girl was selected byTechGirls, a U.S. government funded exchange program, which seeks to empower Middle Eastern girls pursue careers inadvanced technologies.  She was one of three to be selected from over 150 applicants and will spend three weeks in theUnited Statesthis July with 25 other girls to study programming, robotics, mobile application building, web design, video graphics, and 3D game design with leading experts of each field.

Locally, the Jubilee School has been a similar success story.  In 2012, a female student received a first place award inMath and ICT in Jordan’s IGCSE examinations. The school has also won the first place in theScientific Research Awardadministered by theAmman Baccalaureate School.

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