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33rd International Arab Youth Congress Concludes with a Message of Hope
28th July 2013
Amman, Jordan (10 July 2013) – Under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Noor, the 33rd International Arab Youth Congress (IAYC) took place from the 1st – 7th of July, 2013 under the theme "The Future We Want." The event, previously known as the International Arab Children Congress (IACC), was founded by H.M. Queen Noor following the 1980 Arab Summit and is now established as a powerful event for promoting dialogue among the world's young leaders. 

Youth converged from 15 countries to discuss vital issues like education, healthy lifestyles, immigration, youth participation and leadership, development, and peace and conflict resolution. Garnering groundbreaking insights from IAYC's creative program, participants concluded the conference with an in-depth discussion of their personal ambitions and recommendations for creating a better future for society. Such suggestions are not taken lightly – these proposals are reviewed by influential leaders around the world in organizations such as the United Nations, the Arab League, and UNICEF. Among the written recommendations, education was recognized as a top priority for this year's participants, who suggested a stricter hiring evaluation process for teachers, an increase in arts funding, the consideration of student feedback in curriculum development, and an increase in the number of exchange programs and scholarships. Migration in the region also proved to be a major concern: from development of infrastructure in rural areas to increasing humanitarian aid to origin countries, attendees expressed a strong motivation to curb migration and affect stability in the region. 

Perhaps even more inspiring was the document's overarching theme: their recognition of society as a tapestry of citizens that are not only connected to their home nations, but intrinsically linked to the world as a whole. Some participants suggested an international treaty promoting love and peace, erasing national borders, and ending wars; others argued that we need to promote values of mutual tolerance and cooperation over all others in order to enact societal change. With such stirring sentiments from the world's future leaders, this year's IAYC continues to demonstrate the conference's role as a vehicle for the advancement of peace and prosperity – both in the Hashemite Kingdom and beyond. 

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