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Tamweelcom Fights Poverty by Improving Financial Service Accessibility in Jordan's North
15th August 2013

Amman, Jordan (15th August 2013) – Tamweelcom is demonstrating their staunch commitment to reaching the largest number of beneficiaries possible by launching a mobile microcredit facility that will increase access to financial services in Jordan's northern poverty pockets. This week, Tamweelcom's CEO Ziad Rifai announced that in addition to the nonprofit's 26 permanent branches across Jordan, the mobile branch will serve three key areas: Ramtha, Mafraq, and Northern Shuneh. The mobile branch is the first of its kind in Jordan and the region.

Tamweelcom's 368,668 loans disbursed since its inception in 1999 have been granted to Jordanians with a wide range of unique needs. With such a dispersed array of beneficiaries, some of those located in remote areas might struggle to find the resources necessary to gain access to microfinance services. With Tamweelcom's newly-launched mobile credit facility, beneficiaries in Jordan's northern poverty pockets can easily take part in financial services that are crucial for many struggling families.

Twice a week, the bus will visit each of these three areas from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to collect applications for review by Tamweelcom's staff and safely disburse payments to beneficiaries.  For maximum accessibility, the mobile branch will make stops at well-known central locations in each area, such as Ramtha's downtown bus station, Mafraq's police kiosk, and Shuneh's main market. 

This move towards accessibility is representative of one of Tamweelcom's overarching goals: fighting against the devastating cycle of poverty that afflicts many of areas in Jordan. "It is important to us that no one in need of our services is barred from using them due to lack of income or other necessary resources," Rifai noted. 
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