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IFH and Regional Advisory Committee Launch Trauma Rehabilitation Regionalization Plan
21st August 2013

Amman, Jordan (21nd August 2013) – The Institute for Family Health took important steps towards standardizing health and trauma rehabilitation protocols around the region this week by conducting  the first meeting of the Regional Advisory Committee, a passionate team consisting of health experts from across the Middle East and North Africa.

The Regional Advisory Committee was formed in order to address the lack of preexisting standards and protocols in the field of trauma rehabilitation. All participating countries on the panel have citizens that have experienced trauma of some kind, such as war, displacement, civil unrest, extreme violence, torture, and loss. The issues are complex not only for the survivors themselves, but also for their loved ones who also live with the indirect and ongoing ramifications of trauma.

The meeting, which took place August 20th – 21st, was attended by representatives from Sudan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Egypt, Palestine, and Jordan. The panel of experts focused on the mission of Phase 3 of their project at hand, “Providing specialized rehabilitation services for Iraqi victims of torture and trauma who are living in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and the Middle East.” Support for the project is provided by DIGNITY – Danish Institute Against Torture, an independent nonprofit formerly known as the Research Center for Torture Victims (RCT). The current stage consists of creating a support system for mental health providers, who will take part in specialized trainings in order to better serve those in need.

This landmark meeting is only the beginning, launching a period of mutually beneficial exchange between regional centers and assisting in achieving the shared vision of patients and health care providers: consistent, quality outcomes and long-term healing.
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