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Civil Society under the Microscope
25th August 2013

Amman, Jordan (25th August 2013) – Dr. Aida Essaid, Director of the Information and Research Center (IRC), led a stimulating panel debate at Jordan's premier civil society conference "Advancing Change in Jordan: Sharing Reflections on Civil Society Achievements, Challenges, and Legacies." Dr. Essaid represented IRC as one of three panelists part of the debate titled "Collective Action: Why Working Alone May Not Be the Answer."

The event, led by Jordan Civil Society Program, gathered influential local and international figures to discuss issues related to civil society. Taking on a multi-disciplinary approach, the conference organizers brought together an array of experts in the fields of law, research, conservation, advocacy, and journalism to discuss strategies for cultivating a vibrant civil society in Jordan and engaging its citizenry. 

During Dr. Essaid's segment, participants debated the perceptions and value of collective action among organizations in Amman. Joined by Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies Director Ahmad Awad and Royal Marine Conservation Society Executive Director Faisal Abu Sondos, the panel discussed what NGOs have to gain from pooling resources and coordinating strategies with organizations that have similar goals. 

Dr. Essaid highlighted the use of this strategy in IRC's work on projects such as the European Commission-funded endeavor," Reversing the Gender Bias against Jordanian Women Married to Foreigners." IRC utilized collective action in order to draw attention to the issue's humanitarian impact and the social ramifications for children with Jordanian mothers and non-Jordanian fathers – thus expanding the organization's breadth of knowledge on the subject and raising awareness about one of Jordan's most vital human rights issues.
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