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First Batch of Trainee Entrepreneurs Kick Off NHF Micro-Business Incubator
23rd November 2008

People who want to start up their own businesses often find the groundwork overwhelming. Where to start? How to start? What kind of business is most viable?

To stimulate and increase the number of new successful small businesses, and increase economic activity in local communities, the Noor Al Hussein Foundation's Aqaba Center launched the first Micro-Business Incubator (MBI) in Aqaba, supported by the Aqaba Community and Economic Development (ACED) program, a USAID-funded project. Last month, the MBI celebrated the graduation of twenty-two participants. This first batch of trainee entrepreneurs, mostly women, completed initial training to qualify for entry into the Aqaba Micro-Business Incubator.

The initial-business incubator training program offers a package of tools to introduce trainees on how to start their own business, how to create business ideas, and how to conduct marketing and feasibility studies. Consequently, potential entrepreneurs are able to produce a professional business plan.
Twenty-two graduates receive their certificates, ready to embark on the next phase of their business plans.
One of the participants explained: 'We need to have this type of program in Aqaba. I spent four months trying to start my business in Aqaba. Then, while training I discovered there was so much information I needed to know, and that's what the training did for me: it focused my attention in the right direction. I now feel more assured as I embark on my business'.
Some of the graduates will be hosted at the premises of the MBI as of January 2009. They will be offered a workstation equipped with a full selection of adminstrative and communication tools. Their business will be enhanced with product development, marketing expertise and linkages to financial institutions. Trainees are able to use the facilities to a maximum of 9 months for a small fee. The objective is to minimize extensive start-up costs and business failures. The next cycle of initial training is due to start in December this year.
NHF has been active in community development schemes in Aqaba since 1986. With the launch of the Micro-Business Incubator, recent plans to expand the Aqaba Center into a human resources development center are now being realized. The Center can now enable individuals throughout the Aqaba governorate to meet the rising demand for a skilled local workforce. Under the management of NHF's Capacity Building and Business Development Services Unit (CBBDS), two micro-business incubators are now in place, one in Irbid and the other in Aqaba.
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