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A Musical Revival at Amman's Citadel
31st August 2013

Amman, Jordan (31st August 2013) – The Amman Symphony Orchestra (ASO) was formed in 2007 from the core of the National Music Conservatory, one of King Hussein Foundation’s major cultural institutions, and performed for six seasons with support from Greater Amman Municipality. Since the official disbandment of the ASO last year due to financial issues, players in the revered ensemble have taken as many opportunities as possible to showcase their incredible talent through collaboration. Esteemed members of the Amman Symphony Orchestra returned to the stage to perform alongside the Palestine Youth Orchestra (PYO) in a landmark event at one of Amman's historic gems. 

The concert was a highlight of this year's Amman Citadel Festival, which is organized by Friends of Jordan Festivals and introduces acts ranging from performance art to Arabic pop music. The audience in the majestic concert hall was buzzing with excitement as ASO's beloved members took the stage, accompanied by young musicians representing the Middle East and Palestinian Diaspora. The audience relished the carefully-curated program, which spanned from east to west with lively selections from Giuseppe Verdi's oeuvre to complex compositions from Algerian musician Salim Dada. 

Led by conductor Sian Edwards, four experts from the Amman Symphony Orchestra performed, including Alaa Jahshan on the clarinet, Hisham Al Hadrab on percussion, Lana Abusbeih on the viola, and Dana Abusbeih on cello. ASO's seasoned performers demonstrated their enthusiasm for performance – a passion witnessed in famous theaters and art venues in every corner of the world. 

Despite both groups being long-established and celebrated internationally, they have a long history of unique struggles, such as ASO's ongoing quest for funding and PYO members' travel restrictions in the Middle East and Palestine. Despite these obstacles, they remain steadfastly committed to their parallel missions:  promoting world-class music education and events, showcasing Middle Eastern instrumental styles, and spreading joy by performing classical compositions to an eager audience.

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