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"My Right to Education" Keeps Underprivileged Students in School
18th September 2013

Amman, Jordan (18 September 2013)  –  At the beginning of the back-to-school season, Tamweelcom, Jordan's microfinance institution, extends the reach of its goodwill services under the umbrella program "Haqi At'allam" ("My Right to Education"). The campaign endeavors to keep students in school by providing crucial supplies and offsetting miscellaneous expenses that are often enough to deter youth from poor families from continuing their education.

Despite efforts to adapt curriculum and divert 20.5% of government funding towards education, the U.N. Human Development Index found that the mean years spent in school among adults is only 8.6 and combined enrollment stands at 79%. While these statistics have improved over the past decade, the link between education and myriad issues like household income, bodily health, infant mortality, and unemployment is too strong to ignore, and institutions like Tamweelcom strive to address the deficit.

This year, Tamweelcom is looking forward to embarking upon an effective partnership with Arab Student Aid International (ASAI) in order to increase the impact of the campaign. Tamweelcom founded "Haqi At'allam" to address education needs among school-age children when it was founded six years ago, but this year's collaboration will help expand support to students in colleges, universities, and institutes. 

The program aligns with Tamweelcom's mission to promote social and economic advancement, thus giving Jordan's poor the boost they need to improve their standard of living and break the cycle of poverty through the power of education.

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