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Students Gear Up for National Robotics Competition
23rd September 2013

Amman, Jordan (23 September 2013) –  The Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education (JCEE) has launched its annual kick-off for the National Robotics Competition (NRC), a nation-wide challenge that engages youth in complex engineering challenges.

The event invites interested students aged 9-16 to participate in a 2-day robotics competition. The program strives for equal-opportunity participation by marketing to private, public, and UNRWA schools across Jordan. Hundreds of previous participants have hailed from both large cities and small towns: Amman, Zarqa, Aqaba, Salt, Irbid, Jerash, Ramtha, Tafileh, Mafraq, and others showcase representatives at the NRC, contributing to the event's varied array of perspectives and ideas. 

Starting this week, approximately 60 teams from across Jordan will begin rigorous preparations for the competition, reading books and manuals, undergoing mock trials, brainstorming about strategies, and familiarizing themselves with the standardized package of materials that all participating teams receive. 

During the training time leading up to the event in February, participants strategize for the competition's three parts. They develop their Lego expertise to prepare for the First Lego League portion of the competition, where students design, build, and program robots that can undertake specific tasks; they focus on precision and dexterity for a portion of the competition dedicated to painstakingly collecting small balls with their creations' robotic limbs; and they endeavor to create fierce challengers for the Sumo segment, where robots battle in an open arena. 

Over the coming months, dedicated mentors across the country will nurture and guide Jordan's promising youth to realize their dream of becoming engineering and technology's  next generation of leaders, putting their both their problem-solving skills and their drive to the test.

For more updates and information about the JCEE's National Robotics Competition, check out the Jubilee Institute's Facebook and Twitter pages.

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