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IFH Provides Crucial Insights on Refugees at UN ExCom
30th September 2013

Amman, Jordan (30th September 2013) – The 264,979 Syrian refugees in Jordan under the age of 18 arrive shell-shocked and exhausted by the horrors of conflict and the psychological strain of sudden displacement, injury, and hunger. The Institute for Family Health's (IFH) best-practice models address traumatized adolescents' overall health through assessment, education, treatment, and capacity building.

To share this important expertise on an international scale, IFH Director Dr. Manal Tahtamouni presented today at UNHCR's Executive Committee Annual Meeting on the "High Level Segment on Solidarity with Countries Neighboring Syria" panel in Geneva alongside passionate influencers from nations affected by the conflict. 

Noor Al Hussein Foundation's Institute for Family Health is at the forefront of the field of trauma rehabilitation internationally. The institution provides, in addition to a multitude of programs that serve local communities, specialized care for refugee populations in Jordan that is finely-tuned according to age, gender, origin, and need. IFH's emphasis on trauma rehabilitation will not only address physical injury, but psychological health as well, ensuring that the full-body wellbeing of Jordan's most vulnerable population is brought to the world's attention.

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