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Enacting Change through Theater
27th September 2013

Amman, Jordan (27th September 2013) – The United Nations Population Fund honored the achievements of the King Hussein Foundation's National Center for Culture and Arts (NCCA) by selecting the institution as a regional center of excellence in Theater-Based Peer Education (TBPE). The agreement entails a partnership between NCCA and UNFPA and the Y-Peer Network, which is realized through interactive theater techniques to raise awareness on issues such as healthy lifestyles, reproductive health, and civic engagement.

This week, the NCCA concluded their first event under the UNFPA partnership, providing guidance on how to utilize drama methodology in addressing key issues. This "training of the trainers" ensures that principles and practices outlined by the UNFPA are utilized in the participants' home countries for maximum impact. Participating Y-Peers, aged 19 to 28, traveled from a dozen countries across the Middle East and Africa in order to take part in the 30-hour course. Taught by NCCA's skilled educators, the event culminated with a series of four dramatic performances that addressed sensitive issues like HIV/AIDS prevention, puberty and reproductive health, and early marriage.

"The training was beneficial and comprehensive in theory and practice," commented Y-Peer Saed Sinsalas from Algeria. "It's presented in an entertaining way, through theater." Other participants, like Mohammad Mahjoub from Egypt, enjoyed the practical focus on region-specific issues: "The event was an opportunity to make new friends from different countries, who each contributed ideas and resources to solve problems in our countries." Marketing Manager and Communications Consultant Koray Serin from UNFPA also lent his expertise to the event, collaborating with NCCA staff to construct a long-term communications framework and plan for TBPE to maximize the reach of this important program. 

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