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Through Culture and Arts, King Hussein’s Legacy Carries On
7th October 2013
NCCA is recognized in academia as one of the world's best practitioners of applied theater and the International Arab Youth Congress is lauded for its role in promoting tolerance and solidarity.

Amman, Jordan (7thOctober 2013) – Since its inception in 1987 by Her Majesty Queen Noor, the National Center for Culture and Arts (NCCA) has been a beacon in a region where performing arts are notoriously undervalued, despite their ability to promote positive social change by introducing values such as humanitarianism, tolerance, and creativity. The institution continues to extend its reach combining performance and education with two major achievements that represent the King Hussein Foundation's overarching goals and values internationally. 

The institution has garnered international recognition for its Theater-in-Education program, and has now been cited in an academically lauded book titled"Learning through Theater: The Changing Face of Theatre in Education," where NCCA is featured in a special chapter of the new edition. A fundamental resource for theater professionals, writers of the publication recognize NCAA as one of the world's best practitioners of applied theater for its exceptional execution of Theater-in-Education  projects that shed light on a vast array of crucial – and often sensitive – issues such as HIV/AIDS, human rights, and conflict resolution.

The International Arab Youth Congress (IAYC), initiated by Queen Noor in 1980, comprised of an international array of young representatives, has far-reaching impact as well. Raya Al Jabiri, the IAYC Oman delegation's supervisor and specialist at Oman's Ministry of Education, took note of the NCCA's inclusion in another academic text called "My Beautiful Language," an Arabic textbook for fifth graders. In the book's very first lesson,it tells the story of Fatima, a young Omani girl who has returned from the IAYC and answers questions from her parents about her experience. Fatima gushes about the opportunities for cultural exchange and the event's diverse participants, finishing her story by expressing that after attending, she felt a great sense of solidarity and unity among her fellow citizens of the world. 

The IAYC has continued without interruption since 1980, despite regional unrest and other states of flux, as the involvement of youth in shaping our society's future is of paramount importance – especially in times of instability. Now, this legacy is carried on across national borders, representing the congress' objectives and further promoting King Hussein's legacy abroad. 

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