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Tamweelcom Awarded 1st Place among Jordan’s Large Service Organizations
9th October 2013

Amman, Jordan (9 October 2013) –  Tamweelcom, Noor Al Hussein Foundation’s microfinance institution, received the 1st place award in the category of "Large Service Organization" in the private sector, succeeding against powerful industry titans such as hotel chains and banks. It was honored for having the year's most successful performance strategy and most significant achievements of any other competitor in the category. The committee, administered by the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence Program Unit at the Industrial Development Directorate of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, carefully evaluated every aspect of Tamweelcom's operations, including the way that its resources are handled, its leadership, its short- and long-term strategy, and, perhaps most importantly, its impact. 

"Achieving quantifiable results in the field of microfinance is a source of great pride for us, as those statistics are representative of the people that we are assisting every day – people that strive to lead financially sustainable lives and raise their living standards," remarks Tamweelcom CEO Ziad Rifai. "We constantly aim to improve our products and services with the goal of empowering Jordan's poorest citizens, and we are excited to be honored with this award."

The King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for the Private Sector was established in 1999 at the Ministry of Industry and Trade to foster an environment of friendly competition among Jordanian businesses. By advancing the two key elements of successful international businesses, quality awareness and performance excellence, the organization contributes to better businesses not only on the local scale but globally as well. 

In addition to commendation at today's ceremony, the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for the Private Sector comes along with extremely valuable benefits such as preferential procedural processes and resources from the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation, the Customs Department, and the Jordan Institution of Standards and Metrology in order to allow Tamweelcom to grow as a business and thrive locally.

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