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The Jubilee School Celebrates its 20th Anniversary
17th November 2013
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Honoring the Legacy of His Majesty the Late King Hussein

The Jubilee School Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

(Amman, November 11th, 2013) – Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein and His Royal Highness Prince Hamzah welcomed attendees to an event in commemoration of the Jubilee School’s 20th anniversary. The King Hussein Foundation (KHF) hosted an evening of open dialogue which highlighted the school's distinctive educational model and exceptional achievements as well as presented its vision for the future. 

His Late Majesty King Hussein passionately believed in each individual's potential to contribute to the development of their nation, a potential that is only realized through equal access to quality education. The realization of his vision is the Jubilee School, which offers innovative programs that not only develop advanced academic skills like critical thinking and scientific curiosity, but also foster leadership, civic responsibility, a deep sense of empathy. 

Held at the school's campus on Thursday, November 14th, the feature-filled event offered a glimpse into Jubilee's immense talent via panel discussions conducted by students, alumni, and faculty members. Under the theme, "Thinking Out Loud about Learning at Large," participants discussed Jubilee's strengths and challenges from a range of unique perspectives that included celebrated architect Basma Abdullah, Googler Najib Jarrar, and members of media network Kharabeesh Wael Attili, Mohammad Asfour, and Hana Malhas. 

Participants shed light on the many aspects of the Jubilee School that make the educational experience unique, such as the school's multifaceted educational model comprised of a universal community service and leadership program and a diverse range of challenging electives and extracurricular activities, as well as the obstacles that the school faces as it begins to transform for the future. Through the King Hussein Foundation, established in 1999, the Jubilee School model serves as a tangible link between King Hussein’s dreams for Jordan and the commitment of his son, King Abdullah, to educational reform and modernization.

Over the past 20 years, 1,463 students have graduated from Jubilee. Today, the majority of the school’s alumni are leaders in their field, assuming influential posts in top-notch local, regional, and international organizations, and in turn leaving lasting imprints on the societies they are a part of. Looking back to Jubilee at the time of its inception, distinguished alumni reflected on the greater impact of their experience on their adult lives and respective communities. 

Looking to the future, the event served as the launch of Jubilee School's 2.0 vision, which aims to further the legacy of King Hussein with innovative programs with a greater reach. The school’s 2.0 vision calls for the availability of full scholarships to all students, regardless of financial need: at the time of the school's inception, 100% of students were awarded full scholarships. Today, 92% of Jubilee’s student population currently receives financial support, and 8% are fully supported. In addition to the dire need to develop the school's scholarship fund, updated goals like the transition into an eco-school, the provision of virtual learning programs, and a revitalized alumni base will maximize Jubilee's positive impact. 

"When King Hussein and I laid the cornerstone for the Jubilee School, we hoped that it would become a dynamic catalyst for transforming education in Jordan and the region," Her Majesty Queen Noor explained. “I believe that he would share the pride and hope we feel today in the pioneering achievements and contributions of our students, alumni, teachers, and administration in the service of our beloved Jordan."

For more information about the Jubilee School's incredible programs and 2.0 vision, please contact: 

King Hussein Foundation
Tel: (+962) 06-560-7460

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