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The Institute for Family Health Celebrates 25 Years
6th February 2014

This month, the Institute for Family Health rang in 25 years since its inception with over 120 IFH team members from the Sweileh and Hashimi centers, mobile clinics, and refugee camps across Jordan. The institute's team and their families commemorated the occasion with a joyous event full of music and games, while reflecting on the institute’s pioneering accomplishments. Some of the institute’s most groundbreaking accomplishments over the past 25 years include work in the area of early detection of and intervention for childhood disabilities, introducing gender-based violence services from a health perspective, the establishment of the Trauma Center as a national and regional counseling center in the provision of war-related rehabilitation services, a comprehensive Women's Health Counseling Center, and a strategic partner with UN agencies for their work with refugees.

"As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of IFH, we are celebrating a long journey of innovation and dedication. Without commitment from all – our Chairperson Queen Noor, employees, partners, KHF management, and our community members – our goals could not have been attained," says IFH Director Dr. Manal Tahtamouni.

Over the past 25 years, IFH has made great strides in the realm of healthcare and specialized services in Jordan and the region. Because of key triumphs such as the establishment of the Trauma Center and comprehensive Women's Health counseling center as well as many others, such as the institution's work with Iraqi and Syrian refugees, IFH has been recognized as a strategic partner by several branches of the United Nations and many other international organizations. 

Today, Dr. Tahtamouni is looking to the institute's future: "IFH is pioneering in its vision and model; we will continue to build the capacity of local and regional networks in specialized services and work to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable families and individuals."

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