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A Practical Solution for Raising the Bar for Educators across Jordan
20th December 2013

Professional development is a critical factor in the initial success of the teaching and learning process. The quality and intensity of the training that teachers undergo determines how successful teachers will be as well as how long they remain part of the teaching profession.The Professional Diploma in Excellence in Education is an intensive training program designed to raise the profile of the teaching profession locally and improve teachers' performance to the highest possible international standard, and is implemented by the Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education and is accredited by the International Centre for Innovation in Education. 

Unlike any other course available in Jordan, the program is fully accredited by the International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE) and brings together respected international experts and instructors from renowned universities like L'Université Paris Descartes and the University of Winnipeg, among others, to offer an innovative and academically rigorous experience from the finest educational institutions across the world. 

Put into practice by JCEE, ICIE has developed a thorough program designed to qualify teachers and enable them to achieve the knowledge, skills, and expertise which are necessary for efficient and high-standard performance as well as the ability to plan strategically in order to improve the quality of learning process. 
Components of this program include workshops, case studies, discussion, and projects that take place in small groups. The program uses a blended model which incorporates online instructional materials. This multifaceted design aims to help participants acquire new perspectives on leadership, deepen their repertoire of problem-solving skills, help them engage in personal reflection, and build strong professional networks among other education professionals.

For more information or to register for the next opportunity to participate in the Professional Diploma for Excellence in Education, please contact JCEE at or call (+962) 079-5741981.)

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