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Tamweelcom AssistsYoung Entrepreneurs with New
5th February 2014

As Jordanian youth vie for positions in a competitive job market, organizations that encourage entrepreneurship like Tamweelcom offer new opportunities for enterprising young citizens to become financially sustainable and escape the cycle of poverty. Fekrati is a competition that awards JD7,000 in funding to Jordanian youth between the ages of 18 and 35 who have creative and pioneering ideas for startup projects. It is implemented by Tamweelcom and sponsored by Silatech, a social initiative that works to create jobs and expand economic opportunities for young people throughout the Arab world.  

At the end of the competition, 12 winners are granted JD7,000 in startup funding with a zero-interest loan across six categories including Commercial Enterprises, Service Enterprises, Industrial Enterprises, Manufacture Enterprises, Green Businesses, and Social Enterprises. Winners also receive a 40-hour training program to develop their ideas and business plans, cash, and in-kind awards after going through the competition's rigorous selection phases. Promotion is occurring through the award's webpage, social media networks, and radio campaigns. It’s worth mentioning that such an initiative aspires to spread the culture of entrepreneurship all around Jordan, as well as to encourage youth to create a social and environmental impact.

"We are eager to leverage startup projects through this initiative and keep up with the strong potential and untapped creative capacity that Jordanian youth has," says Ziad Al Refai, Tamweelcom CEO."On the other hand, this initiative will present a good opportunity to encourage youth to follow their passions, link their ideas with application by putting them into practice, and give them the necessary support they need to make their ideas a reality."
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