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2nd Arab Conference for Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Kicks Off
14th December 2013

December saw the return of the 2nd Arab Conference for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, drawing in 95 participants from 12 countries. The annual event is a Middle Eastern scientific conference specialized in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, which is supervised by the Arab Robotics Association and organized by the Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education. Under the patronage of HRH Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein, the academic gathering deliberated on the latest in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and the aspirations for this discipline in the Arab world.

The Arab Conference for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence aims to raise awareness of the cognitive science that Robotics and Artificial Intelligence science entails and highlight its role in the technological progress of the world through practical application. Australian expert Dr. Damien Kee introduced the Domo-Bot with a fascinating lecture titled, "Robotics Today and How We're Preparing our Students to Excel in a Robot-Filled Future," Dr. Maher Yehia Salum discussed teaching mechatronic students how to design autonomous robots, and Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Ali and Dr. Anwar Al Assaf explained why robotics engineers are so beneficial to society as a whole. 

The conference also serves as an important networking event: the JCEE has long strived to serve as a resource for scientifically-minded individuals, and the event configures the network of relationships of those interested in robotics in the Arab world, offers opportunities to discuss cooperation, encourages Arab initiatives in these fields, and opens up institutions across the Middle East to opportunities for exchange. 

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