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Making Reading Accessible to Jordan's Rural Women
10th January 2014

Closely tied to a range of development indicators, all research shows that reading is fundamental. The Jordanian Women's Union Annual Book Fair is part of the Ministry of Culture's "A Library in Every Home" initiative, which is supported by Tamweelcom. The initiative seeks to organize book fairs throughout Jordan, where books are sold for affordable prices ranging between JD0.25 and JD0.35 per book. The program seeks to encourage reading and lifelong learning, particularly among poor and/or rural communities of Jordan. 

Under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture and in cooperation with Tamweelcom, the Jordanian Women's Union organized their annual book fair at the union's headquarters in Deir Alla.  The event was inaugurated by H.E. Deputy Amneh Al-Gharagheer and the President of the Jordanian Women's Union in Deir Alla, Jamila Fa'our. The President of the Jordanian Women's Union and Deputy Al-Gharagheer expressed their pride in the efforts that were exerted to organize the book fair, and emphasized the importance of reading on the development of Jordan and its citizens' minds.Tamweelcom distributed gifts to the women in the audience to encourage the reading and owning of books.

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