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National Center for Culture and Arts Performs at "Enough! Human Rights for All" Event to Raise Awareness on Gender-Based Violence
10th December 2013

Raising awareness on complex and controversial issues like civic rights and voting, HIV/AIDS, and sexual health is crucial, and The National Center for Culture and Arts has often been lauded for its use of theater-based education, an innovative learning tool that the institution uses for highlighting sensitive societal issues. At an event in December funded by USAID – CEP, NCCA organized a play entitled: "Tawazun," which was performed by the NCCA Interactive Theatre Troupe to raise awareness about the prevalence and forms of gender-based violence. The community event featured a brief about the interactive theatre gender-based violence project, followed by a documentary on theatre-based peer education implemented by NCCA. The interactive play drew feedback directly from the audience, who were asked to comment on whether they thought the characters' actions were wrong or right, thus encouraging dialogue about a complex and under-discussed issue. 

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