KHF Outreach
Shaping Jordan's Future through Politically-Active Youth
5th January 2014

Civic engagement empowers youth to take on an active role in their country's future. In January, the NCCA held a workshop for 70 university students from across Amman, Zarqa, and Irbid, to participate in the groundbreaking project “Mobilizing Young Jordanian towards Effective Political Participation." The project, funded by The British Embassy, focuses on confidence-building skills and the art of public speaking, which are two key skills that are instrumental in stimulating political and social participation and in assisting youth in creating either an informative or persuasive campaign in order to reach out to their peers about their civic rights and responsibilities. In Early February, the ongoing project sponsored a workshop on debate skills, which included panels on the importance of debate in the civic process, communication skills, and tips from experts on how to be an effective debater. They got a chance to hone their skills on February 6th, where they debated on the topic of political parties in universities at Princess Basma Community Development Center in Irbid. 
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