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Malala Yousafzai Visits the Jubilee School for Dialogue with Students and is selected for the King Hussein Leadership Prize 2012
17th February 2014

Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai has left an indelible impact on the world for her outstanding bravery in supporting universal girls' rights and education. As an inspiring young leader, she was invited to participate in a dialogue with Jubilee School students. 

The activist visited the Jubilee School to engage in a discussion with Jubilee students as part of the school's comprehensive Leadership Program, which trains students in critical thinking, leadership, and conflict-resolution skills in order to equip them with the necessary tools to change their communities for the better. Each year, the school hosts a number of global and local leaders to allow students to benefit from their unique experiences; despite Malala's young age, she is an international figure that has inspired millions and heavily impacted global policy-making related to human rights and girls' right to safety and education. 

The Jubilee School is a unique secondary coeducational institution that provides merit-based scholarships to students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, with a special emphasis on admitting students from impoverished areas across Jordan. “The goal of the Jubilee School is not simply to educate young women and men," remarks KHF Chairperson Queen Noor Al Hussein. "It is also to nurture future leaders who can help address challenges within their own communities and countries, as well as contribute to building bridges within their regions and throughout the world.”

On behalf of her Majesty Queen Noor, Chairperson of the King Hussein Foundation and King Hussein Foundation International, KHF Board of Trustees member Dr. Adnan Badran announced Malala's selection by the nominating committee for the King Hussein Leadership Prize 2012. The King Hussein Leadership Prize is an international award presented to individuals, institutions, and groups who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in promoting sustainable development, human rights, equity, and peace. "Malala Yousafzai was introduced to the nominating committee in 2012, when she was still recovering from her attack," Dr. Badran. "She has been selected by the committee for her role in challenging ignorance, injustice, and the oppression of women."

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