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HAQQI Shows that Knowledge is Power
22nd April 2014
22 April, 2014 – Throughout movements across the world, the access of citizens to information has been a powerful catalyst for positive societal change. The Information and Research Center's (IRCKHF) newly-launched HAQQI Human Rights Information Zone aids socioeconomic transformation by providing access to crucial research across a broad spectrum of human rights issues. 

 HAQQI, meaning "my right" in Arabic, is now available through a free-of-charge online database that gathers information related to human rights and makes it accessible to all, including researchers, academics, policy-makers, and any others who are interested. The user-friendly website allows visitors to either search using specific keywords or by topic, including categories such as "Right to Freedom of Movement," "Equality & Non-Discrimination," and "Discrimination against Women." Research, legislation, and media is gathered and categorized in both English and Arabic, and can be filtered according to date and geographical scope. The database was created with the support of the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative and USAID.

HAQQI is groundbreaking in that it is the first open space of its kind where anyone can access information related to human rights issues, many of which are specifically relevant to Jordanian citizens. Likewise, any person or institution can contribute research or information that passes the HAQQI Technical Committee’s criteria, which are listed on the website. 

IRCKHF Director Dr. Aida Essaid explained that naming the initiative HAQQI is used to symbolize the importance of one's right to access information, which is a vital component of universal human rights. "Our role as the Information and Research Center at the King Hussein Foundation is to maintain HAQQI with the most up-to-date information, to classify and maintain the quality and accuracy of the information, and to ensure and promote the right of every individual’s access to information."

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