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Jubilee Institute Internationally Recognized for Achievements in Gifted Education and Leadership
18th May 2014

The Jubilee Institute is a powerful pioneer in the field of education, raising the bar for education across the region with innovative initiatives that allow students and educators to realize their full potential. In recognition of this achievement, the Jubilee Institute has been awarded the International Award for Excellence in the Education of the Gifted by the International Centre for Educational Development (ICIE).  

The award is a landmark victory for the Jubilee Institute of the King Hussein Foundation, as the institute follows in the footsteps of respected establishments like the University of Winnipeg and Sorbonne University, and becomes the first Arab institution to be selected. The celebration will be held during July at a conference in Paris organized by ICIE in collaboration with UNESCO and other international associations. 

ICIE Director Dr. Sandra Linke announced that the award is "in appreciation and recognition of the Jubilee Institute's dedication, commitment, leadership, and outstanding contributions to gifted education and leadership," noting that the Jubilee Institute "inspired professionals and institutions in this field of knowledge.”

This recognition is a sign of the institute's meteoric progress to cultivating a culture of talent and creativity in learning across the Middle East. From its inception, the Jubilee Institute has flourished, with offerings that reflect a world-class standard of academic excellence. 

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