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The Tamweelcom Family Honors Working Moms
11th May 2014

Working mothers in Jordan face a dual set of challenges – they work hard to grow in their careers while juggling feeding, clothing, and otherwise caring for their children. These challenges are often even greater for those living in impoverished or rural areas of Jordan, where many of Tamweelcom's clients reside. For their many sacrifices and hard work, Tamweelcom honored the mothers who form the foundation of the Jordanian Microcredit Company.

Tamweelcom's Mother's Day celebration was an event for highlighting the individual achievements of working moms, whose many day-to-day undertakings may go unnoticed. Each geographical branch of the company took part in the celebration, weaving together the fascinating stories of everyday female entrepreneurs, their businesses, and their personal lives. Through these inspiring highlights and fun activities, Tamweelcom demonstrated that their business model isn't only based on financial success for their beneficiaries, but also on creating an interconnected family that provides moral support and recognition throughout the entrepreneurial journey. 

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