KHF Outreach
Expanding Access to Medical Care for Jordan's Poor
30th March 2014

In Jordan's rural and impoverished areas, access to healthcare and experienced professionals is limited and awareness about the importance of health issues is often trumped by the stress of surviving day-to-day. Recognizing the sacrifices that Jordan's poor often make, Tamweelcom's spectrum of diversified services aims to combine financial and professional support with social support, evidenced by programs such as free medical days offered in an array of areas. 

In cooperation with the Institute for Family Health and the Dome of the Rock Charitable Society, Tamweelcom offered the fourth free medical day in Madaba and Deir Alla. Over 2,500 people flocked to the centers for checkups, treatment, and health education. Each visitor has the opportunity to take advantage of an average of five different healthcare services across the fields of general and internal medicine, gynecology, ophthalmology, endocrinology, psychosocial health, and education on diabetes, hearing, and dental health. "This day is an demonstration of Tamweelcom's social message concerning our community," says Tamweelcom CEO Ziad Rifai. "We care about increasing healthcare coverage for less fortunate citizens, who often do not have health insurance." 

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