KHF Outreach
Building Future Leaders through Innovative Extracurriculars
5th March 2014

The Jubilee School model encompasses more than just strong academics – with an array of activities and yearly events that students manage, plan, and execute, the extracurricular calendar at Jubilee offers opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills. 

This quarter, the Jubilee School celebrated its 11th annual Jubilee Model United Nations Conference. The three-day event allowed students to put their knowledge about international issues to the test while representing a chosen nation-state. Like Model U.N., the students' participation in International Schools Arabic Debating Championship in Qatar also hones their skills in persuasion, critical thinking, and research. 

Other events have a grander scope – the Arab Youth Summit, 7th Annual Youth Economic Forum, and 3rd Jubilee Eco-Conference placed students at the center of debates of a global magnitude. Through the exchange of ideas and interacting with youth holding different views, students tested their conflict resolution skills while participating in a crucial dialogue that shapes the future of our world. 

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