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Theater-Based Education Makes an Impact
14th May 2014

The National Center for Culture and Arts (NCCA) has been recognized regionally for being a pioneer in the field of theater-based education, a method for discussing critical issues through the creative format of a play. After achieving significant success in Jordan on generating dialogue about issues like civic engagement and women's participation in the workforce, NCCA is expanding its reach to include training beyond Jordan. The 2nd Regional Y-PEER Theatre-Based Education Training of Trainers event, called “Performing Arts for Action,” featured participants from Algeria, Tunis, Morocco, Egypt, Oman, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine. NCCA also branched out to execute a training session for Iraqi participants in Baghdad and in Kurdistan, equipping trainers with the tools they need to raise awareness about key issues through theater. 

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